Here are the differences in the 2 SteadiPod versions:

Both Versions are the same from the "Head" down.  The BIG differences are in the fluid heads.  The differences between the SteadiPod with the "Basic Head" and the SteadiPod with the "Hybrid Head" are:
The SteadiPod with the "Basic Head" is more of an introductory unit with a head which requires an "Off-Set Balance Plate" to achieves perfect balance (required by all hand held camera stabilizers to "fly").  This usually will take 5 to 10 minutes to balance (once you understand how to do it).  It also does not have some of the more advanced features of the SteadiPod with the "Hybrid Head" (like no counter balance spring, non usable bubble level and a non adjustable tilt arm, making the "High Hat" feature very difficult if not impossible).  (price $499)

The SteadiPod with Hybrid Head is by far the BEST SteadiPod Money can buy.  It has an AMAZING little Fluid head that allows for both X & Y balance adjustment so that balance can be achieved within about a minute or less every time (once you learn & understand how.  I can balance it in about 10-20 second just about every time).  It also has a built in "Counter Balance Spring", a usable bubble level and an adjustable tilt arm making "High Hat" mode Amazing!  And it's just a MUCH Smoother Fluid Head than the "Basic Head".  Pretty much everyone who see's both and can afford the extra money gets the SteadiPod with the "Hybrid Head" ($649).

Announcing The New Basic Head Balance Adapter

Use the offset balance plate to change the balance point of your camera. Simply attach it to your ΒΌ-20: hole changing the balance point to where you need it. 

Remove the quick release plate from the head and attach it to your camera.

Attach the quick release plate to your camera or attach your offset balance plate to your camera, then to the quick release plate.

Make sure the latch is properly pressed all the way over so that the quick release plate is secured correctly to the head.

Double check that all knobs on the head are secured firmly.



Basic Head Balance Adapter.....$29.00

Makes the SteadiPod Basic Head as easy to balance as the Hybrid.