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High HAt/Low hat

point and shoot

Body Brace

Tripod with fluid head

Handheld camera stabilizer

The Steadipod works as a:

World's Best and most versatile Handheld Camera Stabilizer/Support Ever !!!!

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Please watch these informative videos to learn more about the amazing Steadipod by Barber Technologies.  Please call our offices to learn more at 818-982-7775 or reserve your SteadiPod by placing an order with our office over the phone.

15 functions out of the bag and 19 with accessories

Steadipod Functions

 From Steddiepod to Steadypod, and now to the newest 2017 edition 

SteadiPod !

It just keeps getting better every year!

SteadiPod picked as one of the best products at NAB 2016!



tri-ped medium

"Bestbecause you can learn to set it up and balance it in just a few minutes, then learn to operate it in about 20 seconds and instantly be smoother than just about anybody coming out of Steadicam's week long, 84 hour intensive $3,500 class.

"Most Versatile" because it performs: "19 distinct functions" (15 right out of the box, 19 with optional accessories), Infinite Possibilities!

1. Handheld Camera Stabilizer

2. Body Brace

3. Tripod (Camera Stand) with a Super Smooth Fluid Head

4. Camera Boom

5. Doggy Cam Low Mode 

6. Body Mount

7. Point and Shoot

8. Monopod

9. High Hat/ Low Hat

10. Baby Legs Tripod

11. Shoulder Rig 

12. Shoot Around Corner

13. Triped

14. Dutch Tilt

15. Pivot Mode

16. Car Mount 

17. Car Bar

18. Dolly/ Slider

​19. Ultra Low Mode

 photo SteadiPod50_zpscu5w0nvr.gif


For Camcorders, Mirrorless & DSLR's 6lbs. or less

Shoot around corner

Shoulder rig

camera stand low mode

Body mount/ego cam

Camera boom


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tri-ped high

camera stand medium mode

Low mode


Eddie Barber on You Tube

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baby legs tripod 

baby legs tripod extended legs


The SteadiPod Hybrid Head has

adjustable X and Y balance points

for easy balancing!

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tri-ped low